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Florence Poulletier de Gannes

Florence Poulletier De Gannes

IMS laboratory:
CNRS research engineer
EBEA committee:
Elected member

Plenary by Maria Feychting & Florence Poulletier De Gannes

Theme: Has evidence for carcinogenicity of RF-EMF changed since IARC's assessment?


Florence Poulletier de Gannes got her PhD in Biological and Health Sciences from the University of Bordeaux, France. She joined the Bioelectromagnetics group of the IMS laboratory as postdoc in 2001 and she is still involved with the team as a CNRS research engineer. Her research deals mainly with the adverse and beneficial biological effects of non-invasive electromagnetic fields (RF and ELF) and is mostly oriented towards the CNS and neurological diseases. She has been involved in several programmes, both national (Ministry of research, French research foundation, ANR) and foreign (German BfS, Swiss research foundation Swiss research foundation and European Geronimo project). She has also worked on EMF health risk assessment in vitro and in vivo (animals) studies, within the European EFHRAN project.

She is a reviewer for major journals in the field of bioelectromagnetics (Bioelectromagnetics and Radiation Research). Florence Poulletier de Gannes is an elected member of EBEA committee. She is author of twenty-four peer-reviewed papers and more than hundred meeting publications in the field of Bioelectromagnetics.