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Nir Grossman

Nir Grossman

Imperial College London:
Assistant professor
UK Dementia Research Institute:
Founding fellow

Plenary by Nir Grossman & Marom Bikson

Theme: Electrical brain stimulation


Nir is an assistant professor at Imperial College London and a founding fellow of the UK Dementia Research Institute. The long-term goal of his research is to develop neuromodulatory interventions for brain disorders by direct control of the aberrant neural activity.

Nir received a BSc in physics from the Israeli Institute of Technology (Technion), an MSc in electromagnetic engineering from the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg, and a PhD in neuroscience from Imperial College London. He then completed a postdoc training, as a Wellcome Trust Fellow, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University.

Nir was recently awarded the 2018 Science & PINS Prize for Neuromodulation for describing how temporal interfering of electric fields can stimulate deep brain structures non-invasively.