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Wout Joseph

Wout Joseph

Plenary by Wout Joseph & Margot Deruyck

Theme: Realistic in-situ exposure of 5G networks and network planning to minimize exposure


Wout Joseph was born in Ostend, Belgium on October 21, 1977. He received the M. Sc. degree in electrical engineering from Ghent University (Belgium), in July 2000. From September 2000 to March 2005 he was a research assistant at the Department of Information Technology (INTEC) of the same university. During this period, his scientific work was focused on electromagnetic exposure assessment. His research work dealt with measuring and modelling of electromagnetic fields around base stations for mobile communications related to the health effects of the exposure to electromagnetic radiation. This work led to a Ph. D. degree in March 2005. He was postdoctoral researcher for iMinds-UGent/INTEC until 2009. From October 2007 to October 2013, he was a Post-Doctoral Fellow of the FWO-V (Research Foundation – Flanders).

Since October 2009, he is professor in the domain of Experimental Characterization of wireless communication systems. He is IMEC PI since 2017. His professional interests are electromagnetic field exposure assessment, in-body electromagnetic field modelling, electromagnetic medical applications, propagation for wireless communication systems, IoT, antennas and calibration.